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  • Almalence’s new technology makes cameras see like human eye

    Have you ever noticed that you see much more details when looking at a scene by eye than when seeing a photo of the same scene? If not, it’s just because it’s too common to be noticed. Even having, physically, a lower dynamic range than a camera, human eyes see more. Almalence Dynamic Range Optimizer […]

  • Almalence releases an accessible HDR tool for converting RAW into detail-rich vivid images

    Your camera captures the details, HDRAW makes them visible The maximal dynamic range – the contrast between the brightest point and the darkest one – of a JPEG image is about 4,000 times lower than the range seen by a human eye. A camera captures several times higher dynamic range than one available with JPEG. […]

  • Almalence licenses HDR to Imagic

    Imagic AG, an industry leader in digital image management systems for professional environments, has obtained a license to use Almalence HDR solution in its products. HDR functionality is much in demand in professional imaging areas such as microscopy, medicine, science and industry. Being a leading provider of image management systems, Imagic has been looking for […]

  • HDR Camera app for N9/MeeGo

    HDR Camera app for N9/MeeGo is available on our Mobile HDR site We made it freeware in order to support MeeGo platform and popularize the best mobile HDR technology. UPD: Published in OVI

  • Auto switching to Tone Mapping workflow in PhotoAcute

    A little improvement in PhotoAcute user interface: once you have fused a HDR image, you are automatically directed to Tone Mapping. This makes PhotoAcute HDR workflow a bit smoother. Tone Mapping functionality is still under development, though.

  • Mobile HDR from a moving car

    Mobile HDR taken from a moving car. Four exposure bracketed frames, fused and tone mapped on device. Almalence mobile HDR on Nokia N9. http://www.flickr.com/photos/71691449@N03/6524356909/in/pool-1820156@N20