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  • Almalence at Embedded Vision Alliance Summit on May 12, 2015

    Meet us and see the demo of our newest technology at Embedded Vision Alliance Summit on May 12, 2015, in Santa Clara, CA Contact us to get a discount on admission tickets.

  • Meet us at Photokina 2014

    Almalence will be presenting: Live demo of Super Resolution on a handset camera Renewed A Better Camera for Android bringing drastically improved user experience due to utilization of Android L camera API Other cutting edge computational photography and mobile imaging technologies We will also be giving an introduction to usage of Open Camera, an open […]

  • We’re hiring

    Wanted: Highly experienced Qt/C++ Developer for further development of our flagship application PhotoAcute: Wanted: Freelance/part-time Field Application Engineer in Japan:  

  • Super Resolution with Nokia Lumia 1520. How pure can a Pureview be?

    As Nokia made RAW format available in Lumia 1520, we took a chance to test Almalence Super Resolution technology with it. As Lumia 1520 always outputs 5 Megapixel image, the comparison has been made between: Standard image at maximal zoom (pixel-to-pixel crop from the sensor with no resampling) bicubically upsized 2x, and 5 Megapixel crop […]