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  • Almalence SuperResolution Zoom selected by Qualcomm Technologies and ASUS for the Smartphone for Snapdragon Insiders for its superior image quality

    AUSTIN, Texas, Aug. 18, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — On July 8th, Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. announced the Smartphone for Snapdragon Insiders, which was designed and manufactured by Asus. Almalence SuperResolution Zoom was selected to give the flagship device the best possible camera image quality under zoom conditions. Almalence SuperResolution Zoom is a multi-shot computational camera solution that reduces image noise […]

  • Almalence SuperResolution now supports Mediatek APU

    We are happy to announce that our SuperResolution is now fully ported to Mediatek APU, an AI processor powering high-end Mediatek smartphone chipsets. With the addition of the APU version, Almalence SR now supports the high-end chipset DSPs of both major chipset makers, Qualcomm and Mediatek. Running SuperResolution image processing on a specialized DSP brings […]

  • Microsoft vs Almalence SuperResolution Zoom

    While the number one thing that differentiates Microsoft’s new productivity device, the Surface Duo, is the new form factor, we are mostly interested in its camera performance, namely, zoom capability. Having a single camera module, the Surface Duo is said to have enhanced zoom quality by using a super-resolution zoom algorithm. We were eager to […]

  • Huawei P40 Pro Super Resolution Zoom: How Good It Is and How Much Better It Could Be

    The Huawei P40 Pro looks like the winner in the smartphone zoom race, achieving DxOMark Zoom Score of 115, the all-time high. However, its outstanding camera hardware, utilizing a 125mm f/3.4 telephoto module, is not the only key to success. Achieving the best results would not be possible without using a computational super resolution zoom […]

  • A Zoom Technology Missing from iPhone 11 Pro

    Despite having a telephoto camera module, iPhone 11 Pro zoom is still far behind the top performers which use Super Resolution Zoom. Zoom has recently become one of the most important features of smartphone cameras with the leading OEMs advertising their devices achieving high picture quality at sometimes crazy zoom levels. As every high-end smartphone, […]

  • Almalence Digital Lens to harness the full potential of Varjo’s human-eye resolution head-mounted display

    From its beginning Varjo positioned itself as the leader of VR head-mounted displays megapixel race. Their “human-eye resolution” VR-1 truly shows more detail than any other existing HMD. However, just offering a high pixel count does not mean the user will be able to see a crisp and clean picture through the HMD optics, and […]

  • Google Super Resolution Zoom: Good Start but not There Yet

    Our first testing of Google’s super resolution zoom recently announced in Pixel 3 shows that it indeed can restore some image details, but is still behind the best in class solutions. Comparing to the “normal” digital zoom, which is basically an upscaling plus edge enhancement, Google’s zoom reveals some details that are indistinguishable in the “normal” image: […]

  • Google Super Resolution Zoom: Good Start but Long Way to Go

    Please read the updated post. After publishing this original post we were contacted by Google engineers who pointed out that HDR+ Super Res was not always on in the images we took. Of course, it happened unintentionally, there’s just no obvious way to make sure that Super Res kicks in when taking an image. We […]

  • xTeleZoom extends the lossless zoom range of iPhone 7+ dual camera

    Computational imaging technology increases the resolution and enables high quality zoom beyond iPhone 7+ 2x telephoto camera hardware. February 27, 2017. Barcelona. Today at Mobile World Congress, Almalence, the leader in computational imaging technologies announced its xTeleZoom app for the iPhone, enabling extra high quality zoom capability. Using a sophisticated computational technique, the app is […]

  • Almalence’s SuperSensor boosts mobile camera quality beyond physical limitations

    Today at the Embedded Vision Alliance meeting, Almalence has announced SuperSensor, a groundbreaking technology for integrated camera quality improvement without hardware modifications. During the last few years mobile handset makers have been struggling to deliver the best image quality and advanced camera features. The camera has nearly become the number one feature of a mobile […]