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  • HDR Video on mobile handset, demo at Photokina

    The first in the world real HDR video on a mobile handset. Note: – absence of noise in the areas with image details pulled from shadows and – no loss of details in bright areas comparing to standard non-HDR video. Standard video for comparison:

  • Rumors

    Image Sensors World: Oppo Smartphone Snaps 50MP Pictures Engadget has had a chance to test Oppo Find 7 smartphone camera – a high end smartphone long rumored to feature 50MP sensor. Although it’s hard to tell for sure, but it looks like Oppo has licensed Almalence Super Zoom technology. There is a comparison of Almalence […]

  • A Better Camera featured on BBC Click Kate Russell’s choice of dress matches A Better Camera brand.

  • Almalence’s new technology makes cameras see like human eye

    Have you ever noticed that you see much more details when looking at a scene by eye than when seeing a photo of the same scene? If not, it’s just because it’s too common to be noticed. Even having, physically, a lower dynamic range than a camera, human eyes see more. Almalence Dynamic Range Optimizer […]

  • A Better Camera: alpha testers wanted!

    For years we’ve been providing you with the most advanced imaging applications for Android. Now we have fused all our applications into a single multi-purpose camera app. Moreover, we have made this application open source so that it should be backed with the power of Android developers community! We are excited to invite you to […]

  • Almalence makes super resolution available on camera phones

    Almalence, the developer of world’s first super resolution technology commercially available on desktop computers, announces that its solution becomes available in the most advanced smartphones in 2013. Super resolution is now used to provide high quality pictures at high zoom levels in Huawei’s flagship models Ascend P2 and Ascend P6, SHARP’s new devices and emerging […]

  • Superb quality zoom with newly available Huawei Ascend P2, first tests at MWC 2013

    Camera became one of the things (if not the only one) that really make the difference in modern smartphones. Among the leading OEMs such as HTC, Sony and Intel who emphasize their new advanced camera features, Huawei offers something really unique – SuperZoom feature, allowing to take high quality images when zooming in with a […]

  • Catch the very moment with our new Android application

    Unlike the other cameras that take an image after you tap the shutter button, Pix Fix keeps taking the images until you tap the button. So, the meaning of the Button is now “Stop! That’s a wrap!” instead of “That’s the moment, ooops I’ve missed it”. After clicking the shutter button you have a series […]

  • Real-time SuperZoom demo on Samsung Galaxy Nexus

    We’ve implemented a real-time SuperZoom demo on Samsung Galaxy Nexus. As far as we know, that is the only real-time implementation of super resolution technology in the world Features: imaging 8x, 16x, 32x Zoom Real time (5-8 fps) GPU utilization 1.5x – 2x effective resolution increase Features: user interface Real-time viewfinder with comparison of standard […]

  • The day DSLR becomes obsolete is getting closer 🙂

    Look at the photos below and guess is it Canon or Nikon? The answer is: the photos were taken with Motorola Droid X using HDR Camera+. Ok, sure a mobile cannot beat a DSLR now, but a compact is probably unneeded once you have a modern camera phone with advanced imaging features like those developed […]