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  • Near-eye Display Optic Deficiencies and Ways to Overcome Them

    Achieving high picture quality, optical fidelity, and natural visual experience is a challenge in near-eye display design. Learn: Why the conventional approaches do not work for near-eye display optical design; What specific methods exist, and why they are still fundamentally limited; How the computational optical correction techniques allow overcoming those limits. Read a comprehensive article […]

  • How to measure the resolution of a digital camera?

    Ok, we have found that the number of pixels is not a good measure of the finesse and definition of detail that a camera can image. What would be a good measure then? Let us construct a simple “reference” picture of black and white lines of the same width. The thinner the lines are – […]

  • Introduction to Resolution and Sharpness of digital images and digital cameras

    As the photography is intended to image objects, the main concept of cameras and images is resolution – the ability of an imaging system to resolve detail in the object that is being imaged.  In the world of digital photography, the resolution is often – and often mistakenly – represented as the number of pixels […]