Author: Eugene Panich

  • We’re hiring

    Wanted: Highly experienced Qt/C++ Developer for further development of our flagship application PhotoAcute: Wanted: Freelance/part-time Field Application Engineer in Japan:  

  • Super Resolution with Nokia Lumia 1520. How pure can a Pureview be?

    As Nokia made RAW format available in Lumia 1520, we took a chance to test Almalence Super Resolution technology with it. As Lumia 1520 always outputs 5 Megapixel image, the comparison has been made between: Standard image at maximal zoom (pixel-to-pixel crop from the sensor with no resampling) bicubically upsized 2x, and 5 Megapixel crop […]

  • A Better Camera for Android Merges Top Ranked Camera Apps into One

    Almalence, a leader in computational photography and mobile imaging, announces A Better Camera for Android. This application combines multiple camera functions including HDR, night shooting, panorama, unwanted objects removal, easy group portraits and more. Since digital photography became mobile, a substantial portion of user audience prefers taking shots with phones and tablets rather than with […]

  • A Better Camera: alpha testers wanted!

    For years we’ve been providing you with the most advanced imaging applications for Android. Now we have fused all our applications into a single multi-purpose camera app. Moreover, we have made this application open source so that it should be backed with the power of Android developers community! We are excited to invite you to […]

  • Almalence makes super resolution available on camera phones

    Almalence, the developer of world’s first super resolution technology commercially available on desktop computers, announces that its solution becomes available in the most advanced smartphones in 2013. Super resolution is now used to provide high quality pictures at high zoom levels in Huawei’s flagship models Ascend P2 and Ascend P6, SHARP’s new devices and emerging […]

  • Almalence Super Resolution vs SONY Clear Image Zoom (single-frame super resolution)

    From time to time we are being asked to compare Almalence Super Resolution with other super resolution technologies available on the market, most of them single-frame super resolution. Our previous test was Panasonic Intelligent Zoom. Today we will test SONY Clear Zoom Image technology, which is used in some SONY cameras for better quality of […]

  • PhotoAcute 3.011

    New version of PhotoAcute released, featuring new super resolution profiles, including Hasselblad / Leaf Aptus 17: Release notes on PhotoAcute forum

  • Test of Panasonic LX7 Intelligent Zoom

    Panasonic features so-called Intelligent Zoom mode in Panasonic Lumix LX7 camera, claiming that with their “Intelligent Resolution” technology 3.8x optical zoom virtually extends to a 7.5x equivalent. It sounds as single-frame super resolution, so we decided to take some test images to see how good is it. Below: 3.8x versus 7.5x zoom 100% Crops. Top: […]

  • Superb quality zoom with newly available Huawei Ascend P2, first tests at MWC 2013

    Camera became one of the things (if not the only one) that really make the difference in modern smartphones. Among the leading OEMs such as HTC, Sony and Intel who emphasize their new advanced camera features, Huawei offers something really unique – SuperZoom feature, allowing to take high quality images when zooming in with a […]

  • Video: Image resolution increase with PhotoAcute