Author: Eugene Panich

  • Almalence Digital Lens to harness the full potential of Varjo’s human-eye resolution head-mounted display

    From its beginning Varjo positioned itself as the leader of VR head-mounted displays megapixel race. Their “human-eye resolution” VR-1 truly shows more detail than any other existing HMD. However, just offering a high pixel count does not mean the user will be able to see a crisp and clean picture through the HMD optics, and […]

  • Google Super Resolution Zoom: Good Start but not There Yet

    Our first testing of Google’s super resolution zoom recently announced in Pixel 3 shows that it indeed can restore some image details, but is still behind the best in class solutions. Comparing to the “normal” digital zoom, which is basically an upscaling plus edge enhancement, Google’s zoom reveals some details that are indistinguishable in the “normal” image: […]

  • Google Super Resolution Zoom: Good Start but Long Way to Go

    Please read the updated post. After publishing this original post we were contacted by Google engineers who pointed out that HDR+ Super Res was not always on in the images we took. Of course, it happened unintentionally, there’s just no obvious way to make sure that Super Res kicks in when taking an image. We […]

  • Accurate Eye Imitation for VR HMD Testing

    When it comes to VR/AR HMD objective testing, you need an “eye” which is much more than simply a digital camera. Besides having the entrance pupil, focal length and aperture similar to those of a human eye to see like a human eye, the imitation must be properly perceived by the eye tracking modules. Meet […]

  • Almalence Digital Lens technology enables high resolution wide FoV VR HMDs

    Digital Lens addresses the smear and aberrations inherent to thin and lightweight VR HMD optics. First objective quality measurements performed with a demo based on HTC Vive showed up to 2.7 times effective resolution improvement and suppression of chromatic aberrations even at the edges of field of view. The technology opens the door for high […]

  • Meet us at Mobile World Congress 2018

    This year we will bring to MWC: A live demo of our breakthrough VR quality improvement technology. An enabler for next generation high resolution HMDs, Almalence DLVR technology solves the problem of thin and lightweight optics quality without adding extra size or weight to VR/AR HMDs Latest generation of mobile image and video improvement solutions. […]

  • Almalence in the Press

    Forbes: This Imaging Software Startup Is Defining The Future Of Digital Cameras Almalence is taking an innovative approach to actively disrupting the industry, using algorithms to improve photo quality at unprecedented speeds, setting the standard for how digital imagery is imagined for the future. What You Don’t Know About Your Phone’s Camera and How it […]

  • xTeleZoom extends the lossless zoom range of iPhone 7+ dual camera

    Computational imaging technology increases the resolution and enables high quality zoom beyond iPhone 7+ 2x telephoto camera hardware. February 27, 2017. Barcelona. Today at Mobile World Congress, Almalence, the leader in computational imaging technologies announced its xTeleZoom app for the iPhone, enabling extra high quality zoom capability. Using a sophisticated computational technique, the app is […]

  • Forbes Recognizes Almalence as “Global Leader in Imaging Technology”

    Here at Almalence we are passionate about pushing the boundaries of imaging technologies and it is a great honor to be recognized for that work in this recent Forbes article. We are excited for what new boundaries we will push in 2017! You can read the full article below: This Imaging Software Startup Is Defining […]

  • Almalence licenses SuperSensor computational imaging technology to Intel

    AUSTIN, Texas, Jan. 18, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — Almalence Inc., one of the world’s leaders in computational imaging, announces today that it is working closely with Intel to enable Almalence SuperSensor Technology on the Intel® Atom™ x3 processors. SuperSensor, the latest technology from Almalence is a pure computational software solution that helps improve the image quality […]