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  • Almalence Super Resolution vs SONY Clear Image Zoom (single-frame super resolution)

    From time to time we are being asked to compare Almalence Super Resolution with other super resolution technologies available on the market, most of them single-frame super resolution. Our previous test was Panasonic Intelligent Zoom. Today we will test SONY Clear Zoom Image technology, which is used in some SONY cameras for better quality of […]

  • Test of Panasonic LX7 Intelligent Zoom

    Panasonic features so-called Intelligent Zoom mode in Panasonic Lumix LX7 camera, claiming that with their “Intelligent Resolution” technology 3.8x optical zoom virtually extends to a 7.5x equivalent. It sounds as single-frame super resolution, so we decided to take some test images to see how good is it. Below: 3.8x versus 7.5x zoom 100% Crops. Top: […]