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  • Almalence makes super resolution available on camera phones

    Almalence, the developer of world’s first super resolution technology commercially available on desktop computers, announces that its solution becomes available in the most advanced smartphones in 2013. Super resolution is now used to provide high quality pictures at high zoom levels in Huawei’s flagship models Ascend P2 and Ascend P6, SHARP’s new devices and emerging […]

  • Superb quality zoom with newly available Huawei Ascend P2, first tests at MWC 2013

    Camera became one of the things (if not the only one) that really make the difference in modern smartphones. Among the leading OEMs such as HTC, Sony and Intel who emphasize their new advanced camera features, Huawei offers something really unique – SuperZoom feature, allowing to take high quality images when zooming in with a […]

  • HDR Camera app for N9/MeeGo

    HDR Camera app for N9/MeeGo is available on our Mobile HDR site We made it freeware in order to support MeeGo platform and popularize the best mobile HDR technology. UPD: Published in OVI

  • Mobile HDR from a moving car

    Mobile HDR taken from a moving car. Four exposure bracketed frames, fused and tone mapped on device. Almalence mobile HDR on Nokia N9. http://www.flickr.com/photos/71691449@N03/6524356909/in/pool-1820156@N20