Almalence joins Embedded Vision Alliance

Almalence is a member of Embedded Vision AllianceAlmalence, Inc. today announced it has joined the  Embedded Vision Alliance, an industry group that brings together providers of the technology used to create practical applications of computer vision.

Almalence is joining the alliance to propose its computational photography technologies aimed at imaging quality improvement beyond the physical limits of optical systems. Whether it is a mobile camera or hi-end DSLR, microscope or satellite imaging system, Almalence’s solutions can be used to improve the basic image quality parameters such as resolution, low light performance and dynamic range, providing higher quality “eyes” to computer vision applications.


Meet us at Photokina 2014

Computational photography and mobile imaging at Photokina. Advanced desktop photo software and mobile apps. Open source mobile camera app framework.Almalence will be presenting:

  • Live demo of Super Resolution on a handset camera
  • Renewed A Better Camera for Android bringing drastically improved user experience due to utilization of Android L camera API
  • Other cutting edge computational photography and mobile imaging technologies

We will also be giving an introduction to usage of Open Camera, an open source camera app framework, as a part of “I want to be a photo app developer” workshop.

See you at our stand B-16 in Hall 9.1



Image Sensors World: Oppo Smartphone Snaps 50MP Pictures

Engadget has had a chance to test Oppo Find 7 smartphone camera – a high end smartphone long rumored to feature 50MP sensor.

Although it’s hard to tell for sure, but it looks like Oppo has licensed Almalence Super Zoom technology. There is a comparison of Almalence Superresolution Zoom with Sony Clear Image Zoom and an article on its implementation in Huawei phones.


Almalence’s new technology makes cameras see like human eye

Have you ever noticed that you see much more details when looking at a scene by eye than when seeing a photo of the same scene? If not, it’s just because it’s too common to be noticed. Even having, physically, a lower dynamic range than a camera, human eyes see more.

Almalence Dynamic Range Optimizer optimizes the usage of dynamic range of 8-bit images to make the most of image details visible. DRO uses a technique similar to tone mapping, exploiting the peculiarities of human vision. DRO can be used either for optimal conversion of RAW images into 8-bit RGB/YUV images or for improvement of existing 8-bit images.

Almalence Dynamic Range Optimizer reveals details in highlights and shadows. Automatic processing within milliseconds.

Same data acquired by the camera, different usage of dynamic range. Left: standard image produced by the camera. Right: result of Almalence DRO processing, close to what human eye would see. Details in shadows are revealed due to optimization of dynamic range usage. Noise is not amplified.

DRO is easy-to-integrate, extremely fast solution that automatically improves the images in 100% cases and can substitute HDR in most of cases.

Comparing to existing solutions aiming to provide similar improvements of digital imaging, Almalence DRO:

  • is faster by the order of magnitude, which allows to use it in mobile devices, for both still images and video
  • provides better quality, mainly due to absence of noise amplification in shadows
  • improves both shadows and highlights
Details in shadows are revealed due to optimization of dynamic range usage. Noise is not amplified.

Left: standard image, right: DRO processed (optimized) image. Details in both shadows and highlights are revealed due to optimization of dynamic range usage.

DRO can be integrated in ISP, camera drivers or applications.

Some comparison examples are available on our site: (33 MB)

Demo application is available upon request.

Super Resolution with Nokia Lumia 1520. How pure can a Pureview be?

As Nokia made RAW format available in Lumia 1520, we took a chance to test Almalence Super Resolution technology with it.

As Lumia 1520 always outputs 5 Megapixel image, the comparison has been made between:

  • Standard image at maximal zoom (pixel-to-pixel crop from the sensor with no resampling) bicubically upsized 2x, and
  • 5 Megapixel crop from 19 Megapixel RAW, zoomed 4x with Almalence Super Resolution Zoom

Results in brief

  • Noticeable increase of effective resolution
  • Simultaneous noise reduction
  • Processing time for 5Mpix output at 4x on MSM8974 at 2.3GHz (Lumia 1520 chip set): 0.38 sec


Notice the branches of the tree at the right, the bars of the vent in the coach.

See more examples
Text became readable, noise level decreased.

Left: standard shot, right: Super Resolution Zoom.
Text became readable, noise level decreased.

Left: standard image taken with Nokia Lumia 1520; Right: Super Resolution image. Fine details became visible.

Left: standard image taken with Nokia Lumia 1520; Right: Super Resolution image.
Fine details became visible.


Nokia’s approach to improving the quality of zoomed images is using higher-resolution sensors. The results of Super Resolution testing clearly show that Almalence’s Super Resolution Zoom is not just an alternative, but a great addition to that approach, providing not only higher resolution and allowing higher zoom levels, but also drastically reducing the noise.

A Better Camera for Android Merges Top Ranked Camera Apps into One

Almalence, a leader in computational photography and mobile imaging, announces A Better Camera for Android. This application combines multiple camera functions including HDR, night shooting, panorama, unwanted objects removal, easy group portraits and more.

Since digital photography became mobile, a substantial portion of user audience prefers taking shots with phones and tablets rather than with specialized cameras. However, many functions digital cameras provide as standard require additional applications on Android devices.

Almalence, the developer of the top-10 HDR Camera+, blends several camera applications into one to provide a one-stop suite for all camera jobs on Android. A Better Camera makes HDR shots, creates panoramic photos, shoots in the Night Mode for quality photos when there’s lack of light and provides options for manipulations with moving objects. Each function combines smart software algorithms and 100% employment of physical capabilities of the camera. For instance, HDR photos made by A Better Camera look like they were taken on a professional camera with professional post processing, and the Night Mode allows taking shots in insufficient lighting conditions, when the standard camera fails. Overall, ABC draws functionality of the built-in camera and quality of images it produces to the level of conventional digital cameras. In particular it offers such pro functions as group portrait shooting to take the best faces of each individual and combine them into a group photo; expo-bracketing for easy shots of contrast scenes or scenes with a high dynamic range; and the sequence shot option to make burst shots of action scenes and picture all stages of movement in a single image.

The convenient interface of the application allows to vary the amount of information on the screen and provides quick access to all functions. Even better, the interface is fully customizable.

A Better Camera is open source and thus enjoys the power of the entire Android developer community. Eugene Panich, CEO at Almalence, says: “ABC is a replacement for dozens of camera apps. It already includes HDR, panorama, video recording, night photos, and is open for third-party plugins extending its possibilities even more”.

Pricing and availability

A Better Camera is available for Android version 4.0 or higher. The application is free with some of the features provided in trial mode and available from $0.99 for each or for $5.95 as a bundle.


Almalence was founded in 2005 and now is a de-facto leading company in computational photography and mobile imaging. Technologies developed by Almalence are licensed by many major mobile device manufacturers. A Better Camera is a flagship product embedding functions of other software by the company: HDR Camera, HD Panorama, Night Camera and Pix Fix.


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